ESSER Funding

The federal government provides Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding to address post-COVID-19 social-emotional learning, learning loss, technology gaps, and safe, healthy buildings so every student has the resources they need to learn in-person, in a safe, secure and healthy environment.

There are three key statements within the ESSER sections of the CARES, CRRSA, and/or ARP stimulus acts that have provisions for improving safety and physical security:
  1. Classroom security/accessibility:
    “Any activities authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, IDEA...”
    -- CARES Act Section 18003(d)(1), CRRSA Act Section 313(d)(1), ARP Act Section 2001(e)(2)(B)

  2. COVID-19:
    “Development of strategies and implementation of public health protocols that align with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance on reopening and operating school facilities to maintain the health and safety of students, educators, and other staff.”
    -- ARP Act, Section 2001(e)(2)(Q), Similar statement listed in CRRSA Act Section 313(d)(13)

  3. Door repair and replacement: “Inspecting, testing, maintaining, repairing, replacing, and upgrading projects to improve the indoor air quality in school facilities, including HVAC systems, filtering, purification and other air cleaning, fans, control systems, and window and door repair and replacement.”
    --CRRSA Act, Section 313(d)(14), ARP Act, Section 2001(e)(2)(P)

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