Main Entrances

Security Best Practices for the Main Entrance
  • Guide visitors to a single control point for entry.(Sandy Hook page 51 CPTED, PASS page 58)
  • Visitor management process including ID checks and temporary badging is recommended for all building visitors.(Sandy Hook page 52, PASS checklist)
  • Use secured vestibules with forced entry resistant doors and glazing.(Sandy Hook page 52, PASS page 58)
  • Main entrance assembly (glazing, frame, & door) should be forced entry resistant.(Sandy Hook page 51, MSD page 348, PASS page 58)
  • Control visitor access through electronic surveillance with intercom audio/video and remote lock at the visitor entrance.(Sandy Hook page 52, MSD page 345, PASS page 59)
  • Secure main entrance doors from a central location, such as the central administrative office and/or the school security office.(Sandy Hook page 51)
  • For the highest level of security, use electronic access control.(MSD page 349, PASS page 35)
  • Note, non-patented metal keys and low frequency/proximity cards can be easily duplicated.
  • Use a panic/duress alarm or call button at an administrative/security desk.(Sandy Hook page 52)

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Main Entrance Opening Solution


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School Security Best Practices Reference Sheet


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