Perimeter Security


A recommended practice for securing a variety of building types is layering security. A critical layer to secure are the exterior entrances, to control access and ensure that only authorized people are in the building.

There are many types of entrances into a school. To ensure the best security, each perimeter opening should be classified and secured to meet the usage of the door.


  • Primary entrances include main entrances and event entrances where access to the building is both controlled and monitored.
  • Secondary entrances required for access to the building in limited circumstances such as for employee entrances or access to and from playgrounds. These openings should be carefully controlled and never placed on any sort of automatic time schedule to open.
  • Tertiary openings exist only for emergency egress and are not intended to be used for access to the building.

Keys to securing perimeter entrances:

  • Control access
  • Establish a single point of entry during school hours
  • Effectively secure and monitor secondary perimeter doors
  • Have a long-term plan and use products that are flexible and scalable for the future

Layered Security    

Layered security

Allegion follows the PASS guidelines for securing schools using layered security.

Main Entrances

Main Entrances

Main entrances into a school are a vital part of any school security plan.

Perimeter Entrances

Perimeter Entrances

Having the right security on each perimeter door is pivotal in making sure only authorized personnel enter the building.