Controlling access is a critical part of a school’s efforts to provide a safe learning environment. It begins with a secure perimeter—from the main entrance to all secondary entrances and tertiary openings. The perimeter is the first check point, or layer, to the building. It controls who enters the school and when.

Primary entrances include main and event entrances. Main entrances typically lead to a security vestibule as an additional layer of security.  They are normally monitored and often have electronic access control to regulate traffic and limit entry to the building.

Secondary entrances: These make up most of the exterior openings throughout the building and are essential to a secure perimeter. These openings are often manually managed and monitored, making them susceptible being propped open.  However, it’s important that they remain closed and locked during school hours.

Keys to securing perimeter entrances:

  • Control access
  • Establish a single point of entry during school hours
  • Effectively secure and monitor secondary perimeter doors
  • Have a long-term plan and use products that are flexible and scalable for the future

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Developing a K-12 Security Strategy [article]

Case Studies

Redlands Unified School District – The K-12 school district improves lockdown capabilities at on-campus assembly space and district office.

Rock Hill School District – The largest school district in York County, S.C. can now monitor all of its perimeter openings and quickly lockdown without manually touring the building.

Wedgewood Elementary School – This New Jersey elementary school adds peace of mind thanks to perimeter security solution.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish School – Implementing a new cloud-based access control solution helped the parish protect staff, students and patrons with seamless access.