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Featured Allegion products for securing school perimeters:


Schlage readers and credentials are vital to controlling access and traffic flow at main and secondary entrances.

Isonas access control systems provide cost efficient solutions for access control and immediate classroom lockdown for schools of all sizes.

LCN door controls and automatic operators are key components of perimeter access control systems to ensure schools meet ADA requirements.

Von Duprin exit devices have options that allow the door to remain open during high-traffic times (morning and afternoon) while securing once school has started.

Von Duprin Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) options for the 98/99 and 33A/35A models of exit devices.  These options feature a battery powered wireless solution that enables remote undogging and door status monitoring. It provides electronic override of mechanical dogging for emergency facility lockdown, making it ideal for secondary perimeter entrances.

               School Security Starts from the Outside In [infographic]

               Solution comparison for remotely locking and monitoring doors [infographic]

Zero perimeter seals weatherproof openings, while providing noise reduction and privacy.