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We’re here to help you create safe and healthy buildings. From cleaning and disinfecting best practices to touchless access control, Allegion offers solutions to meet today’s challenges.


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How to clean and disinfect your door hardware

Allegion recommends following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines: Wipe gently with disinfectant then air dry. Get more tips here.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Bacteria resides on every surface we touch—and can persist on surfaces like door hardware. Allegion offers silver-ion-based antimicrobial coating that helps protect against the spread of germs. How does surface technology work?

Mechanical doors: hands-free door pulls

Ives® hands-free door pulls are an inexpensive and easy retrofit option for many openings, such as public restrooms. View hands-free door hardware.

Automated doors: Touchless access control

Touchless access control plays a role in prevention by decreasing the number of surfaces pedestrians touch. While there are several ways to accomplish contactless operation, pairing low energy automatic door operators with touchless actuators or readers is the most common. View touchless access solutions.


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New featured products

Ives® hands-free door pulls

Ives offers hands-free pulls and door opening tools that enable pedestrians to operate the door with an arm or foot to avoid contacting surfaces with their hands. This is a cost-effective solution for retrofitting high-traffic mechanical applications to hands-free. Learn More

New featured products

LCN® touchless actuators

Allegion offers no-touch actuators that are installed in place of push buttons and comply with ANSI 156.19 low energy standards. A pedestrian simply waves a hand in front of the wall plate, the technology senses the motion and acknowledges intent to enter. No contact with the door or hardware is required. Learn More

New featured products

Schlage® mobile access solutions

Schlage Mobile Access Solutions provide comprehensive touchless offering, including mobile enabled multi-technology readers, mobile enabled wireless electronic locks and mobile access credentials. Learn More