Door hardware for today's challenges

Many people are approaching their daily routine with health and wellbeing in mind — reconsidering where they go and what they touch. See how door hardware can help achieve healthier buildings.


Door hardware for today's challenges

Many people are approaching their daily routine with health and wellbeing in mind — reconsidering where they go and what they touch. See how door hardware can help achieve healthier buildings.

Healthy environment solutions

Touchless access control
for healthier buildings


If a door gets a high volume of traffic each day, touchless solutions that include automatic operators might be the option for you. Allegion offers door hardware that decreases the number of surfaces pedestrians touch, which can help with prevention of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Check out some common applications or reach out to an Allegion expert for guidance.

Electrified touchless doors

How to make electrified doors touchless

Touchless actuators

If you have an electrified opening with a push-button actuator, you can swap it out for a touchless actuator or reader. Touchless actuators can be operated with the wave of a hand and are a critical component for low-energy swing devices in order to achieve ANSI 156.19 compliance. Learn more about: LCN® touchless actuators.

Contactless Readers

You can pair contactless readers with automatic door operators and touchless actuators to control access. Allegion’s multi-technology readers make it easier to transition to touchless access control. They’re compatible with contactless mobile, smart and proximity credentials. Tell me more.

For a comprehensive mobile offering that can be paired with automatic door operators and touchless actuators, check out Schlage® Mobile Access solutions.

How to automate a mechanical door for touchless access

Swinging doors

The most common way to electrify swinging doors for touchless access control is with electromechanical automatic door operators. These operators open the door upon signal from a touchless actuator, hold it open and then release it without a pedestrian touching the door or hardware.

Allegion offers a variety of automatic door operators. Show me the best fit for my opening.

Sliding doors

Allegion offers automatic sliding door systems, where a quick wave signals the AutoMotion™ automatic sliding door system to quietly open and close with minimal effort—and without touch. Safe, quiet and perfect for commercial and institutional applications.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: Wave, slide, open. Learn more.


touchless mechanical doors
hands free door pull

Touch less with hands-free
door pulls and opening tools


With hands-free door pulls and opening tools, people can operate the door with their arm or foot to avoid contacting surfaces with their hands. View the styles.

antimicrobial coatings

Antimicrobial surface technologies

Allegion offers door hardware with antimicrobial properties to help improve the cleanliness of your frequently touched surfaces, such as entries in public facilities or door locations where regular, scheduled cleaning may be less frequent. Speak with an expert about options like copper alloy-based solutions and silver-ion coatings.

Antimicrobial copper alloy door hardware

Copper alloy metal applied to lock levers, door pulls and exit device push pads provides one of the most effective permanent antimicrobial surface technologies available. It is considered a microbicide because it is capable of quickly killing bacteria. Several Allegion products are available with the CuVerro Shield™ by Aereus Technologies copper alloy surface. See how these products work and the bacteria they are proven effective against along with a guide of where to use them.


Silver ion antimicrobial surface technology

The silver ion-based antimicrobial surface technology is considered a microbistat because it inhibits the growth of bacteria that come in contact with it. Available on a wide range of products as a coating over Satin Chrome (626) or Satin Stainless Steel (630) finishes, it provides a durable finish protectant along with antimicrobial properties. Learn more about Allegion’s silver ion-based antimicrobial coating and where to apply it.

Cleaning and disinfecting door hardware

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to keep surfaces clean and disinfected to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Recommended cleaning

  • We recommend starting with mild liquid detergent mixed with water.
  • Wipe surfaces gently with the mixture of mild liquid detergent and water.
  • With water only, wipe surfaces again to remove any detergent residue.
  • NOTE: Do not spray or immerse the hardware in liquid at any time.

Recommended disinfecting

  • To disinfect, we recommend following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines under “How to clean and disinfect,” which outline easy-to-prepare bleach or alcohol solutions for disinfecting your home or your building facility.
  • Wipe surfaces gently with disinfectant, and do not spray or immerse.
  • Per CDC guidelines, do not wipe the surfaces dry. Instead, allow them to air dry to give the disinfectant time to work effectively.


cleaning and disinfecting door hardware

Want more information about the door hardware involved in achieving healthier buildings? We’ve got you covered.