There are unprecedented challenges facing schools today.  From distance learning to funding to balancing safety and security plans, schools are rethinking many of their established processes.  At Allegion, the issue of school security is more than a product conversation.  We work with a variety of industry experts on best practices for keeping students, teachers, staff and visitors safe and secure.

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Learn About Careers in Manufacturing:

Each year in October, Allegion participates in National Manufacturing Month – inviting students from across the U.S. into our production facilities to see how safety and security products are made. In 2020, while prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and participants, we created virtual field trip experiences – which are now available to you and your students online. Learn about careers in manufacturing, how innovation is changing this industry, why Allegion employees choose jobs in the field, and what skills and education are needed to for these roles.

Allegion Manufacturing Virtual Field Trip Program

Recommended School Safety Measures

The COPS Office School Safety Working Group report to the Attorney General strongly affirms that, at a minimum, all schools should have the following protective measures:

  • Building and classroom numbering systems or other methods for clearly identifying locations to expedite emergency response
  • Classroom doors that can be locked from the inside or remotely; if doors are locked remotely, keys or key cards must be readily accessible by law enforcement
  • Removable window and door glass coverings that prevent an armed assailant from seeing into classrooms
  • Secure, uncluttered safe spaces called “hard corners” in every classroom where students will be safe from projectiles fired into the classroom from outside

Read the full report:  COPS School Safety Working Group Report to the Attorney General:  Ten Essential Actions to Improve School Safety




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