Industry Partners

Allegion partners with various industry organizations, such as the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools, to help establish industry best practices and provide schools with direction on how to evaluate their school security practices.

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS)

PASS was developed as the Security Industry Association and the National Systems Contractors Association tried to answer questions from the education community about what can be done to better secure K-12 schools and how these security projects can be funded.

PASS is a balanced approach based on the opinions of a cross functional group of industry experts including a security contractor, access control integrators, a fire alarm consultant, a life safety and security consultant, as well as an end user and a parent who have navigated active shooter tragedies.

Because budgets are tight and since security threats are statistically rare when a school system makes an investment in security, PASS created guidelines to ensure funding is spent on the right solutions:

  • Define threats common to schools at each educational level
  • Offer recommendations on parental and community involvement
  • Detail a layered security approach that combats common threats and mitigates risks related to active shooters
  • Provide information for integrators, school administrators, resource officers, and IT staff on technology-focused solutions like video surveillance, duress alarms, and electronic access control
  • Deliver scalable/tiered measures that administrators can implement based on available resources and local risk levels

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